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February 3, 2009

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newsassyYou made it! Welcome to the new blog. My name is Sandra Salisbury and welcome to my blog. I am a photographer based in southern California. Most of my work is created in Orange and Los Angeles counties but you will often find me traveling to great places for great people. Weddings are my passion! My vision is to create pictures that are sassy, simple and stunning. Love is my specialty which means I also captures famlies in love too!

The greatly anticipated release of my new website has come! Visit it here at

This blog plays to my every posting need. You will find mainly my work from weddings and everything that goes along with them. Don’t be afraid to check in often and learn about my life behind the lens and away form it too. My world revolves around my family. We are 4 crazy people; ME, ALEX and out two little crazy offsprings who you will get to know during visits here! You can still see the old blog here

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    6 Responses to “”

    1. Kathy Says:

      But, I’m the first, how can I be the 10th? Cute site, your pictures are awesome. (just like you)

    2. Rachel Bond Says:

      UM…EXCUSE ME! CUTENESS! When did this happen? And when is the new photog site going to be up? YAY!!

    3. Rachel Bond Says:

      JUST KIDDING! I just saw it! YAAAAY!

    4. Will Parris Says:

      Awesome! lovin’ the site and the blog!! Well done amiga!!

    5. Yadira Says:

      WOW! I love the songs, I love the site, I love the pictures WOW I love it!!!

    6. Ryel j Says:

      I love it!!! It’s so you :). What a breath of fresh air my sweet!

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