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February 3, 2009

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newsassyYou made it! Welcome to the new blog. My name is Sandra Salisbury and welcome to my blog. I am a photographer based in southern California. Most of my work is created in Orange and Los Angeles counties but you will often find me traveling to great places for great people. Weddings are my passion! My vision is to create pictures that are sassy, simple and stunning. Love is my specialty which means I also captures famlies in love too!

The greatly anticipated release of my new website has come! Visit it here at

This blog plays to my every posting need. You will find mainly my work from weddings and everything that goes along with them. Don’t be afraid to check in often and learn about my life behind the lens and away form it too. My world revolves around my family. We are 4 crazy people; ME, ALEX and out two little crazy offsprings who you will get to know during visits here! You can still see the old blog here

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    Jeff & Tara February 10, 2010

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     I’m still here!!! and I’d like for you to meet Tara and Jeff. This awesome couple is getting married this May.


    WEE sessions are here for 2009 December 3, 2009

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    It’s not too late.. Still need that family picture for your holiday card? 3 days still have slots left for you.

    Sign up here by replying with your date and the time you wish to use. or send an e-mail to sandra: your date and time is determined by who replies first for that spot. Check back to this page for updates on available times.

    WEE sessions are back for 2009!
    3 dates left to get pictures in time for your
    holiday cards.
    Saturday Sunday December
    5th + 6th
    9am-3pm (6 spots each day) nothing at noon
    Saturday December 12th
    8, 9, 10 or 11am (4 spots )
    Cost: $85      
    Time: 45 minutes   
    You get: 25 images which
    are avaliable  on-line the 
    next day for you to save  
    and use directly from  
    your computer.


    Meet my niece: Avery Jo October 10, 2009

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    Just wanted to share a quick sneek peek of the worlds cutest niece!

    Here is the offical first image I have of the most adorable thing I have seen in almost 4 years!


    Mom and Avery together after delivery.


    And some day 2 pics!




    i do: James and Angelina August 17, 2009

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    What a busy summer so far. So much so that blogging has been on the back burner. Here we go on the catch up phase of my blog life. Starting off with the amzing James and Angelina Yoon!!! This wedding was beyond beautiful! All taking place up north In Angelina’s home town. The wedding day was followed by a beautiful Pae Beck ceremony  on Sunday (post tp follow)

    I’ll start you with a fave shot of mine and then on to the story of their beautiful day.


    The getting ready set for the girls (Angelina’s parents home) was more than amazing.


    Angelina is so stunning. Every moment of her day was enjoyed by her and all around her.


    The DRESS!



    And the shoes of ocurse



    Over at the church the guys were waiting. Here is james moments before the ceremony.


    And Angelina moments before








    Love all the colors in the wedding party! Beautiful ! Fun ! And it made it super easy to get their attention.. hope they didnt mind being called the color of their dress?


    James was really rocking it with this awesome top hat!


    And he is wearing these wings that Angelina made for him.




    This is my fave shot of the day. I usually dont like the magazine looking shots.. but this one below remonds me of a super fun/happy group of young folks who declare themselves friends forever!!! I love all their happy faces.




    Another on of my faves in front of the chapel!





    And onto the party! Everyone had such a great time .







    Thanks to James and Angelina for having me along for your thrilling day of LOVE!



    family fun: camping KOA petaluma July 9, 2009

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    Memeorial day weekend was extra fun this year. Not only did I get to shoot an amazing wedding in the Bay ares but I also got to revisit a spectacular KOA north of San Fransisco. Here are a few images to check out before the super sized Wedding post comes later today.

    Here are my adorable kiddos getting face (and hand) paintings during our trip.


    Look at those amazing freckles!



    Can’t tell you how much I love this next image, Taken as a pasenger while Alex was driving.


    We had a wonderful time visiting with family and spending time in the great outdoors.


    flowers and my sisters.. all 3 of them June 4, 2009

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    I am so excited that I get to see my Erin soon! and that she is giving me a neice this year! (maternity session to come in the next months) and that not only do I get to see her and get to have a new litttle baby in my life but that her and Adrian are moving to CA!!!! 🙂 Also, I have ahad a few requests for the need of a wedding florist. Well, besides the amazing florists I all ready know and reffer all the time. I myself love doing flowers. (hand held and pinned – not so much on the reception/ceremony stuff.. yet) both images here by the awesome will over at parris studios 100_6228sandrasalisburyphotography copy


    marry me:caroline + robert

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    Her sweet look as she glances up to him as they stood across from me not asking for diretion or guidence as I adjusted my camera. His glance back down to her smiling slightly as he hears me say i’m just testing my light.. Those moments, the ones in between, when you don’ t think I’m taking the picture.. those are my favorites! I left this shoot with an abundance of images just like this. Perfectly imperfect. Not posed or overdone.. Beautiful, natural, real. Caroline compliments Robert just as he does her and I can’t believe that these two are getting married this month!!! Mostly because I can’t bring myself to look at the calendar page that is titled JUNE!! Also being that it seems like we just had our initial meeting, which reality proves, was months and ago! Caroline and Robert are planning a super sweet day at a location I can’t wait to shoot! But first I must share these beautiful images with you. It was an amazing day which led us to a few different cities. And of course my tracking down the LOVE wall in Fullerton again.  Starting off in Irvine where I captured the frist images.  


    check out my runner up for fave shot of the day. love love love love the way Caroline is looking at Robert. I love LOVE!






    Most of the time my lovely little lensbaby sits in the bottom of my bag. I’ve been bringing it back out.. It really likes to see me.


    Then off to Fullerton!


    I really love the next image. One of my faves









    We ended in downtown Laguna Beach. Love this image below.






    My fave shot.. see below




    Thanks for spending the day with me. I am so looking forward to your big day.